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Writing Instruments

Torpedo X - Silver


1.5K classical fiber weaving/Silver
Carbon fiber 、Beryllium copper alloy、Aluminum alloy


Where to buy

Only for you.
SACA provide engraving service, we customize the personal marking on your carbon-made products.


SHAKE off the old fashion

one's creation can be full of surprise. likewise, we manage to bring out the extraordinary goods with the unexpected material.
Torpedo shake off your imagination, shake off to use.


The design concept comes from the shape of the submarine engine shaft.Pen main body is composed of three-axis streamline twisting around, as if an object that travels mysteriously in the deep sea and is waiting for the movement. Carbon fiber with unibodyappearance, and the internal mechanism shines from inner side with metal pen tube. The hollow body spin along with the internal mechanism.


The pen clip is made of special metal, which forms a perfect ratio of weight to the end of the pen, providing a new experience of writing touch.





Torpedo Pen

1. The outer streamline layer is made of industrial-grade carbon fiber. Daily maintenance only requires cleaning with a piece of cloth.

2. The pen barrel is made of aluminum alloy, which is sturdy and reliable. Avoid scratching the surface.


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Writing Instruments

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Writing Instruments

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