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Classic X spin belt


1.5K classical fiber weaving / Cross-grain leather
Cowhide leather / Muntz metal
105 x 3.4 cm


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Spin it, dual-use. As you wish

Given the intrepid and the diverse characteristic from SACA, turns over the belt snap ring as the talented gentlemen dominate in different fields.


The classic carbon fiber texture is matched with carefully selected cowhide leather, with brushed metal snap rings.


The turn over belt snap ring is made for different occasions. Switching from carbon fiber texture to the cow leather, just by spinning on belt snap ring.




Natural leather, the best way to maintaining it is to use it frequently, it can make the leather look smooth and bright, and prevent mold.


Outer leather — Simply wipe it with the cotton or non-woven cloth which slightly dip in the water.

Inner leather — Spray on the cotton or non-woven fabric with a special protective agent for leather. Gently smear the surface of the leather in a circle. The protective agent forms a transparent and breathable protective layer on the surface of the leather.

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